WFCP 2020, TVET Excellence for ALL Donostia San Sebastián

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Basque Country


Euskadi, as the Basque Country is known in Basque, is a small country but with a strong identity. With a history stretching back over 5,000 years, Euskadi has a distinctive culture and a language that is unique in the world. Euskadi is today a modern country that has managed to adapt to the times and is at the forefront of Europe in terms of quality of life and sustainable human development.  ikonoa

Euskera and Basque culture

The Basque language (Euskera) is spoken on both sides of the Western Pyrenees, covering regions both in Spain and France, and it is the oldest language in Europe. Even now, its origins are still a mystery. According to linguists, it is a genetically isolated language, i.e. it does not belong to any known language family. ikonoa




San Sebastián

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The Donostia - San Sebastián Tourist Office gives you the opportunity to go on official tours of traditional historic local businesses and see their local craftsmen at work. These tours are organised in small groups and are offered in your own language. You are invited to cooperate with the city and its environment, its people and its small local businesses. For sustainable tourism in a sustainable city.

Top Activities

Donostia San Sebastián Tourist Office offers many different activities: official tours, gastronomic tours, ... ikonoa

Plans in San Sebastián

Many different options to find out more about San Sebastián.  ikonoa

Nearby routes

The Basque country is a small country where almost everything is close. You can find many incredibly different and interesting things to do not far from San Sebastián. ikonoa

Practical information

Practical information about San Sebastián our medium-sized cosmopolitan city, which has a popullation of 186,700 inhabitants. ikonoa


Location and how to reach Donostia - San Sebastián

One of the most common ways to reach San Sebastián is by plane. There are five airports: San Sebastián, Bilbao, Vitoria - Gasteiz, Pamplona and Biarritz (France), not more than 100km from San Sebastián. ikonoa

How to travel around the city

Different options for getting around San Sebastián: walking, taxis, public transport. ikonoa


Where to sleep in San Sebastián ikonoa